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Who is Optima Mayores?

We are a specialized Actuarial Consulting and Independent Advisory firm dedicated to helping our clients unlock liquidity from their real estate assets. With a deep understanding of our clients’ financial situations and extensive knowledge of the market’s available products, our dedicated professionals at Optima Mayores provide customized and practical solutions tailored to each individual case. In this context, Lifetime Mortgage stands out as our flagship product, offering significant benefits to our clients.


We're the leading experts in improving the lives of seniors and maximizing the value of their real estate assets, having advised over 40,000 and a market share of over 90%.


We have state-of-the-art systems in place to streamline and expedite the advisory and contracting process, while ensuring that our clients receive the personalized and attentive service they deserve.


We have a team of seasoned financial and insurance professionals who tirelessly explore global markets to find the perfect products that cater to our clients' specific needs.


For over 15 years, we have been dedicated to providing financial consultancy and personalized advice to seniors, helping them release equity value of their properties and enhance their financial well-being by supplementing their pension income..

Management Team

Carlos Gonzalez Optima Mayores

Carlos González

Chief Executive Officer

Optima Mayores asesores

Iñigo Hernández Alesanco

Business Development Director

Fernanda Escardo optima mayores

Fernanda Escardó Zaldo

Secretary of the Board and Legal Officer

Manuel Martínez-Sayanes

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Legal and Digitalisation

Ivan de la Fuente optima mayores

Iván de la Fuente Merencio

Technical Manager for Actuarial Calculations

Registered and supervised:


Licensed brokers:


Spanish Lifetime Mortgage Council founder:

Board members:

Ecofin Forum 2020 award winners

Licensed brokers and advisers

License number 551/2015 of second section  in the State Register of Companies that carry out mortgage loan or credit contracting activities or intermediation with consumers.

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