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Your home can give you so much more. It is a form of savings from which you can get extra money in your retirement in a safe and flexible way and without losing your property!

Your home gives you life

Conoce la Hipoteca Inversa con Óptima Mayores

Discover our Lifetime Mortgages

Unlock the potential of your home. Release the equity tied up in your property and access extra funds during your retirement. Enjoy a secure and flexible financial solution while still maintaining ownership of your property!

  • A lifetime mortgage is a financial product that enables you to supplement your pension by utilizing your property as collateral.
  • You have flexibility in how you receive the funds: as a lump sum upfront, through monthly payments, or a combination of both.
  • You retain ownership and use of the property.
  • Unlike traditional loans, a lifetime mortgage does not require monthly repayments. It is typically repaid after your passing, but you also have the option to repay it early if desired.
  • Calculate your Lifetime Mortgage with our simulator.

Calculate your Lifetime Mortgage

Calculate how much money you could receive, and without losing ownership of your home!

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What our customers say

Optima Mayores exhibited utmost professionalism, attentiveness, and friendliness while managing our equity release transaction. Throughout the process, they kept us well-informed of all the details, patiently clarifying any doubts we had. They also diligently searched for the most beneficial option available in the market. Their approach was efficient and decisive, and they provided close follow-up at every step. Based on our experience, we highly recommend Optima Mayores

María García

I am extremely satisfied with the advice, information, and terms of the lifetime mortgage that was arranged for me by Optima Mayores. Their efficiency and effectiveness were remarkable, as they were able to swiftly and seamlessly handle all the necessary procedures without any hiccups. I highly recommend Optima Mayores for their outstanding service.

Concepción de Castro

The process of releasing equity from my home through Optima Mayores was a breeze. The staff was exceptionally friendly and professional, and within just a few weeks, we had signed the necessary documents in front of a notary. What's more, the money was paid to me within 24 hours! I highly recommend Optima Mayores to any senior who wants to improve their financial availability by releasing equity from their home.

Jose Antonio Pérez Rodríguez

Twelve years ago, Optima Mayores managed a lifetime mortgage for my cousin, and to this day, they are still receiving the monthly payments without any issues. Based on this trust and positive experience, I recently decided to contract another lifetime mortgage with Optima Mayores. Throughout the process, I always felt accompanied and supported, and I am fully satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend Optima Mayores for their exceptional service.

María Dolores de León

We are deeply grateful for the humane treatment and understanding that we have received and we will not hesitate to recommend them as many times as necessary because from the first minute, they have shown us security and confidence.

Dona Deae

I was delighted with the service and the effectiveness of Mr. Carlos Ruiz, who is in Tenerife. I have nothing but good things to say about him, on the contrary, he is a friendly, polite, professional and very effective person. My warmest congratulations.

Feliciano Hernández

The reception of the staff of Optima Mayores, their explanations, their great transparency, their good treatment as professionals and their accompaniment and diligence throughout the process cannot be bettered, in my opinion as a professional in the world of finance for the elderly, which I know very closely. For those who have doubts about Optima Mayores, my impression is MORE THAN RECOMMENDABLE.

María Dolores de León

    Calculate your Lifetime Mortgage with the simulator

    • Calculate your Lifetime Mortgage with our simulator and find out instantly the amount you can release from your home.
    • All you have to do is enter the age of the mortgage holders and the estimated value of the property.
    • One of our advisors will be able to provide you with a free comparative study with the best alternatives for your specific case.
    Calcula tu Hipoteca Inversa con el simulador
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    What we do

    Your house, as well as a home, is a form of savings that you can use to complement your income from the age of 65 onwards.
    Just as you could have liquidity through a pension plan or any other savings or investment product, you can also use the savings accumulated in your home and continue living in it. At Óptima Mayores we advise you and accompany you so that you can do this in the way that suits you best. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are making the best decision. 

    • We explain the different equity release plans available depending on your needs and circumstances.
    • We carry out a free, personalised, comparative study with the best alternatives for your specific case. We extend our advice to whoever you want (family members, advisors, …).
    • We will accompany you throughout the whole process and help you with all the formalities. We are available in more than 24 locations.

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    Download the Lifetime Mortgage Guide

    • An essential document for understanding this financial product

    Read the Lifetime Mortgages White Paper

    • A reference document for a developing market in Spain.
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