Lifetime mortgage legislation

Below you will find information on the regulations relating to lifetime mortgages.

Law 41/2007 of 7 December

The Law includes the definition of Lifetime Mortgage in Section VIII of the preamble. Additionally, the 1st Additional Provision governs tax benefits and reduced formalization costs associated with Lifetime Mortgages.

  • Law 41/2007, which pertains to the Reform of the Mortgage Market
  • Summary of Law 41/2007 regarding reverse mortgages


Law 2/2009 of 31 March 2009

This legislation does not explicitly address lifetime mortgages; however, it impacts the provision of independent advice in relation to such mortgages due to its regulation of intermediary services for the execution of loan or credit agreements.

  • BOE-A-2009-5391


Law 27/2011

The Forty-third Additional Provision addresses the regulatory framework for reverse mortgages, aiming to provide specific guidelines for conducting independent advice and establishing a transparent regime for the commercialization of lifetime mortgages.

  • Order EHA 2899-2011


Ministerial Order EHA 2899/2011

Title III, Chapter VIII of the law encompasses provisions concerning mortgage loans and credits. Within Section VI, Article 32 specifically regulates the rules governing transparency and client protection with respect to lifetime mortgages. This provision became effective on July 29, 2012.

  • Orden EHA 2899-2011

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