Lifetime Mortgage White Paper

Optima Mayores presents the Lifetime Mortgage white paper

A reference document for a developing market in Spain

  • Spain stands out as the ideal country in Western Europe for the development of a thriving Lifetime Mortgage market. With a remarkably high rate of home ownership, we have a significant potential market for this innovative financial and social product. This unique characteristic positions Spain as a prime opportunity for the growth and success of the Lifetime Mortgage industry.
  • “The lifetime mortgage is set to become a useful complement to the public pension in Spain, and can be the key to achieving the desired welfare society”.
  • “Clear and understandable lifetime mortgage products together with STR (Secure, Transparent and Responsible) contracting procedures certified by specialised independent advisors: the keys to the development of a long term lifetime mortgage market in Spain”.
Libro blanco de la Hipoteca inversa

Through this White Paper on Lifetime Mortgages, Optima Mayores aims to clarify many preconceived and mistaken ideas in the collective ideology, and provide all the necessary information on a product that will become a key alternative for the financial planning of Spaniards.

An essential tool for professionals in the sector.

The White Paper on Lifetime Mortgages is a reference for professionals working in the financial or insurance sector, especially in the areas of financial planning, and also for professionals in companies that offer services to the elderly.

And, of course, for anyone who wants to learn about a product that has helped to improve the quality of life of thousands of people.

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