Mission and Values

Mission of Optima Mayores

Identify unmet financial needs of groups in our society and design solutions to improve this situation.

Values and principles of Óptima Mayores in its commitment to society, clients, employees, and shareholders while fulfilling its mission

  1. Ethics and Integrity. All our activity, in addition to strictly complying with legal obligations, is self-regulated by the Optima Mayores Code of Good Practice.
  2. Personalised attention. To fulfill this commitment, we strive to eliminate technological barriers and ensure clear communication with our clients.
  3. Social Responsibility. Our primary focus is providing seniors with access to liquidity through their real estate assets. However, we are also dedicated to assisting seniors whose assets do not enable them to access liquidity options. To achieve this, we offer free advice lines and support services. Additionally, we adapt our services to accommodate the unique needs and financial circumstances of our clients.
  4. Team. At Optima Mayores, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. We have implemented mechanisms to support work-life balance, enabling them to reconcile their family and professional responsibilities. We also have active non-discrimination policies in place, specifically focused on employing individuals over the age of 50. Furthermore, we strive to create healthy working environments that promote the overall well-being of our staff.
  5. Creating value for our shareholders as a result of our activity.

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