Our Services

We provide independent advice to help you get the most out of your home without having to give up living in it.

Take advantage of our experience and access to the best market offers to make the best decision for your future.

Óptima Mayores Professional Services

So that you can decide with complete freedom the alternative that best suits your needs.

We provide advice on the most suitable banking, insurance, or real estate solutions for your specific case, based on your needs and financial situation.

We conduct a free comparative study with the details of the offers that best fit your profile.

We request a specific offer from the relevant entity for your case and accompany you throughout the entire process.

We make the entire process easier for you.

We analyze, verify, rectify if necessary, and process the necessary documentation to contract the chosen alternative.

We perform a property registry verification and assist you with any necessary corrections of any kind.

We handle the appraisal (in cases where it is applicable).

After the appraisal, we recalculate the various options in order to select the final offer.

We review and explain the pre-contractual documentation issued by the entity (FIPER, Binding Offer, etc.).

We carry out the necessary pre-processing steps to formalize the transaction with the Property Registry and other authorities.

We analyze and verify contracts in defense of your interests (deed, policies if any, etc.).

We explain in detail all the contracts to be signed.

We assist you during the signing of the public deed before a Notary.

Our Goal is Simple

We are here to provide you with information, guidance, and support to turn your home into a source of cash in the way that suits you best. And without giving up the opportunity to continue living in it.

I want to get informed, what steps should I take?

Speak with one of our advisors with no obligation. They will provide you with information about the available options for your case and can provide you with a completely free and non-binding initial study detailing the best alternatives for you.

An advisor will contact you without any commitment.

They will provide you with all the information you need.